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Cathy doll || Whitening Sunscreen || L- Glutathione Magic Cream / SPF50

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WHY SHOULD WE USE SUNSCREEN : The next level of sunscreen protection moves beyond mere protection against the sun and UV rays, but shelter you from heat itself! And it applies not only to your face but also to your whole body.

WHY CATHY DOLL SUNSCREEN BETTER THAN OTHERS : This new formula is lighter than other sunscreen which provides High-Definition UV Protection with Titanium Dioxide, and immediately brightens your skin after one single application. Employing the power of cool water splash technology, the L-Glutathione Magic Cream effectively wards off heat to deliver intense cooling sensation, and penetrates skin layers fast to minimize dryness.

No matter what indoor or even outdoor activities you engage in, your skin will be free from stickiness. With intense L-Glutathione and Whitening + Pore tightening treats, your skin will be brightened and free from dark spots!

USING METHOD:  Squeeze a small amount of L-Glutathione Magic Cream onto your palm apply to your face and body and gently blend using gentle in circular motion then it cream will then will employs the power of cool water splash technology to penetrate  to your skin for in depth protection and nourishment for more best results benefit. Should apply every 2-4 hours 

Net weight :  60ml

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